Google AdWords Management

Most clients that we have talked to thought that Google AdWords only contain search ads. Google did make its name as the most popular search engine and introduced search ads to the world, but Google AdWords offers much more ad formats than just search ads. Let us introduce you to the different ad formats in Google AdWords.


YouTube Video Ads

There are more than 10 million unique users on YouTube in Malaysia and they spend an average of 28 minute per day watching videos on YouTube. Some of our clients argued that they usually just click on the “Skip Ad >>” button, when it pops up after 5 seconds. But do you know that the advertiser doesn't have to pay a single cent if the ad is skipped? In fact, advertisers only pay when audience watches the video ad for 30 seconds or more. Contact us today to see why advertisers are moving budget from TV ads to YouTube ads!

Google AdWords Management | Youtube Video Ads

Google AdWords Management | Display   A  ds

Google Display Network (GDN)

Google Display Network has the biggest inventory of display banner ads on the internet, including inventories from Google owned websites and third-party websites. Advanced targeting features allow advertisers to target their display ads to a very specific group of audience. For example, if you run a bicycle business in Kuala Lumpur and you have recently brought in a new model targeting young female cyclists, you may use Google AdWords to display your banner ads to female audience aged 18 to 25, located in Kuala Lumpur, with an interest in "Bicycles & Accessories". Talk to us now to see how we can help you devise a GDN strategy to target the audience!

Remarketing Ads

You landed on this hotel booking website when doing research for your upcoming Bali trip. Their ads keep showing up everywhere else you browse after that. This is remarketing! The ads basically follow you wherever you go. We can configure the remarketing ads to be displayed only to visitors who did not convert (i.e. purchase, enquire, sign-up, etc) at your website. “Similar audiences” is another powerful feature in remarketing ads that can be deployed to further improve the campaign performance. Enquire now on how to use remarketing ads to your advantage!

Google AdWords Management | Mobile   A  ds

Mobile Ads

In early 2014, mobile exceeded PC internet usage for the first time in history. Mobile ads should no longer be an option but the main element of your online advertising strategy. We help our clients build websites that is optimised for mobile devices and help drive traffic to their websites from mobile devices. Device specific ads can also be launched to target audience on different devices. Contact us now for a free review on mobile friendliness of your website.

Google Search Ads

When you perform a search query on Google, the links that show up on the top, bottom and right column of the results page are all paid advertisements. Advertisers pay for these ads because people who are searching for certain keywords are most likely looking for the services and products associated with those keywords. If you own a chain of mobile phone shops in KL, wouldn't you want your ad to show up when someone is searching for “where to get iphone 6 in kuala lumpur”? Contact us now to see if search ads are relevant to your industry!

Google AdWords Management | Google Search ads