ConversionPage™ - Lead Generating Page

If you do not have a conversion driven, fast loading and responsive website, we can help you deploy a ConversionPage™ as the landing page for all your ads.  ConversionPage™ is a single long-form page with one key objective on the page, which is to convert genuine and interested visitor into a sales lead for you.  Detailed product information is communicated in ConversionPage™ to ensure that the leads are of high quality.  ConversionPage™ runs on latest cloud infrastructure in order to be fast loading and scaleable to any surge of traffic. We also perform split testing to find the best converting landing page for you.


Conversion Driven

Page design and copy-writing optimised
for conversions


Mobile Responsive
and Fast Loading

Responsive and fast loading on various devices with different screen sizes


Lead Source Tracking

Conversion and lead source tracking is setup and monitored daily



Peace of mind for any sudden surge of traffic

Meridin East (Mah Sing Group)

Single objective call-to-action, long form stating all the USPs, simple enquiry form, etc


What is Important in Building a Landing Page?

A landing page has to be fast loading, responsive across different devices and conversion driven.  It has to be both functional and aesthetic to communicate the right brand message.  Uptime and scalability of the infrastructure is crucial as you may invest heavily into ads to drive traffic to the landing page.  You do not want to land your visitor on a "Server Not Found" or "Service Unavailable" page.  Contact us now and we can show you the differentiation and performance difference between our ConversionPage™ and others.

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