How continuously grows their business with Gapture, 5 years and counting.


OffGamers is known by online gamers all around the world for their speedy service, excellent support and variety of products for gamers, such as gift cards, online game credits, game time cards and much more. 

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The entire business with hundreds of customers every day is managed from a HQ office in Singapore. The business was established back in 2004 and quickly grew into an international e-commerce website that offers game solutions to customers from all over the world, which suggests a level of complexity of business operations. They have translations and language adaptations for different countries, and over 200 accepted payment methods. OffGamers strive to make it easy for a customer from any part of the planet to purchase their products and services.



transaction on OffGamers happens online. There is no physical store to make a purchase. Marketers need to make sure to find people who are ready to complete an online transaction. Marketing campaigns that are meant to bring online transactions are usually seen as much more challenging than those focused on brand awareness or lead generation. Yet for an e-commerce business, it’s essential to find a sufficient amount of customers who are ready to buy online.

Second, customers coming from all different parts of the world have different habits of searching for products online. How to capture interest from America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East? How to account for different languages as well as different searching and buying habits?

Finally, there was a doubt if the marketing campaigns will stand a test of time. There is a common belief that after a certain point into the marketing campaign, you are going to “exhaust your audience”. There is believed to be a moment when the majority of people in your audience have already seen your campaigns, already know about your offers and are not as excited about your products as at the start of the campaign. OffGamers needed to keep the advertising going, always finding new customers without stopping for a break or leveraging on seasonal promotions only.


A complex challenge like that requires a complex solution. When the Gapture specialist team came on board in 2011, they started by brainstorming what would be a right goal for OffGamers advertising campaigns.

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They decided that there were a number of supporting metrics to one main goal: acquiring buyers. How many people have seen advertising online? How many of them have engaged with an advertisement by clicking or commenting on it? How many have visited the client’s website? The team started by building solid flows of actions that customers are expected to take before completing the purchase. Each step of the flow had to be tracked constantly to pinpoint weak links in a chain leading to online purchase.

After creating an optimal flow, the Gapture team focused on replicating it in advertising campaigns that target different countries. When adding each new country or region they needed to make sure to translate the ads and to adjust the model to the realities of these countries.

Finally, after establishing international adverting campaigns, the team started working on continuous optimisation, and searching for the best practices. Staying on top of industry updates allowed for a lot of optimisation success in OffGamers advertising. Google certified specialists in Gapture are always looking out for new opportunities and new ways to make an advertising chapter for a client. Both Google Adwords and Facebook offer plenty of such opportunities, so it’s important to always stay on top of technology updates. That’s how the Gapture team came up with retargeting site visitors, branded campaigns and many other much more technical “know hows” used in OffGamers advertising. 

The advertising calendar for the company was scheduled in a way that the campaign could be running on “evergreen mode”. A few campaigns capitalise on some major international events, such as the famous “Black Friday Sale”, but most of the campaigns run all year round. 



OffGamers’ customer base has been continuously growing. Over the years, the company noticed a significant improvement in cost per acquisition. If back in 2011 they had to spend $10 on average to acquire a customer, in 2015 this number went down to just $7. Branded campaigns pioneered by Gapture are bringing in transactions at just $0.20.

Continuous work on advertising optimisation proved that the company would never have seen such results if they had only advertised for a few months a year. Ultimately, there are no advertising blueprints, which would work for any company at any given point of time (even though there are best practices). Customers respond to different triggers depending on what month of the year it is, which product or offer is advertised, how targeting was chosen and on hundreds of other factors. Continuous, almost scientifically meticulous optimisation allows the company to generate their own learnings about their customers and to create their own advertising blueprints, which leads to the highest advertising results, as happened with OffGamers.

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Stanley Chee - chief "Gapturion" and a certified Google AdWords specialist.

Stanley Chee - chief "Gapturion" and a certified Google AdWords specialist.

These case studies are just a few stories of success from our 5 years of extensive experience. Working with clients in a number of different industries has enabled us to deeply understand how the Malaysian market has evolved over time. Currently, we provide hotels, restaurants, F&B retailers, malls, mobile providers and many others with our unique expertise in growing their business.

In 2012, Gapture became a Certified Google Partner. This is a great responsibility and honorable status to uphold. We want to live up to this honor. Ever since we were established, Gapture has been working hard to bring the latest marketing trends and most advanced competencies to the Malaysian market. We have always been keen on sharing our knowledge. We hope that  these best industry practices will help you in creating your marketing plan.