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How KKBOX validated their presence in the Malaysian market with the right marketing efforts

 Malaysians have enjoyed KKBOX music since January 2013. The musicstreaming company was founded in Taiwan in 2004. Since then it has quickly expanded across the region, conquering Asian music lovers’ hearts with seamless technology, more than 20+ million songs, a wide range of editorial content, an interactive platform with celebrities called “Listen With”, and other interesting features. A subscription service is powered by mobile technology, which makes it easy and accessible to everyone with a smartphone.


Monthly subscribtion to unlimited music

Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand

2004, Taiwan

2013, Singapore, Malaysia

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Entering a new market means much more than just translating marketing materialsinto a different language. However, it was the first service the KKBOX team got from an agency they hired when entering the Malaysian market. In early 2013, Malaysia and Singapore became the third and fourth countries for KKBOX expansion (after Hong Kong in 2009). The KKBOX marketing team realized the need for a better understanding of these markets: what are the artists that local music lovers are into? What content should the platform provide in order to be relevant here? And finally, how to introduce the new service to these markets and get loyal users, but not just one-time triers?


On top of that, the team had a very high specific goal to hit. They had to meet a number of monthly downloads in order to maintain their presence in the country. In 2014 there arose a question about changing the advertising partner. The conditions were strict; a new advertising partner had to maintain the budget and meet higher goals to help the company stay in Malaysian and Singaporean markets.


What KKBOX was first lacking is the understanding of customer profiles in Malaysia. Gapture team started by focusing on sets of tests, trying out new ads and multiple targeting every single week. It is almost like a market study done in a fast and aggressive way, by getting the product in front of real customers and observing their reactions.  

By the end of the test period the team tend to understand more just who those Malaysian music lovers were. They also knew where to find them online in order to advertise effectively. When testing advertising angles, there is always a dilemma between getting significant conclusions and taking just the right portion of investment to get those conclusions. Given the experience, the Gapture team knows exactly just how much investment it takes to get results that will remain significant when targeting a larger group as well as they do for a smaller test group.


"Gapture team is truly willing to go an extra miles for clients. They are always ready and constantly provide us with reports and updates" 

Nurulakmar Anual, Senior Specialist Marketing & Content Management, KKBOX

We all know it, today KKBOX is here, in Malaysia and Singapore, making all of us happy with the great accessible music on a subscription basis. That means the Gapture team has gained their targets and increasedthe number of users while spending a smaller budget than the previous agency did.

Now let’s talk about specifics. Optimizing the investment and searching for the most efficient advertising methods, Gapture managed to deliver 7x more installations on the same budget in Malaysian market and 2x more installations in Singapore.


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