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Nu Teen Established Well Recognised Local Brand

The Nu Teen skin care series by Ginvera was developed specifically for teenagers and young adults. 



1985, Singapore

NU TEEN, skin care line


As a local brand, Nu Teen certainly has a great offer for Malaysian teenagers: a full range of affordable skin care products that are easily found in regular pharmacies. However, even with an obvious price benefit, the brand was facing strong competition. It is a real challenge for the new product line to compete with well-known brands, such as Neutrogena, Clearasil and Garnier, to name a few. The Nu Teen team's biggest concern was their ability to spread awareness of the Nu Teen line and build trust amongst their target users - teenager - leading them to try the product out.

NU TEEN Line products

NU TEEN Line products

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The Nu Teen team's initial plan was to run some ads on Google. During one of the planning sessions, Gapture's Performance Specialists pointed out that if selling were to occur offline while advertising will be online, the Nu Teen team would have to come up with unforgettable marketing creatives. Compared to the usual text and image ads, videos are more vivid and would leave a deeper impression on viewers. After much consideration, the Gapture team decided to target specific Youtube channels that appeal to potential Nu Teen customers.

Amirul, Head of Gapture's Performance team said that this planning stage was crucial to running a successful campaign for Nu Teen. In a meantime, the production for the video began. The video had to grab attention in the first 5 seconds (before viewers have a chance to skip it) and deliver a clear and memorable message. 

Any video content of the company would give a good opportunity for efficient advertising on Facebook. There are a few things to bear in mind when engaging in video advertising:


  • Short and concise message;
  • Bright visuals that represent the brand;
  • A good storyline to keep viewers engaged until the end

Gapture incorporated all the above factors into the video, which was featured Nu Teen's brand ambassador.


The Gapture team launched skippable & non-skippable video ads on Youtube and Facebook targeted on teens and young adults. With rigorous targeting sets, especially on Facebook, the Gapture team successfully attracted a total of 864,018 video views at RM0.04 per view.


Over 800,000 viewers of the Nu Teen video are now familiar with the Nu Teen brand and would consider purchasing its products in the near future.

The Nu Teen team had also reported an increase in sales during the period that the ads were running.

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A&W Created Hype Over New Menu with Gapture®


First Fast Food Chain in Malaysia

1963, 26 outlets to-date

Food and Beverages

Since 1963, A&W restaurants have been serving the best menus and food combos most suited for the Malaysian taste buds. With 26 outlets throughout the country (one of which was registered as the first fast food outlet in Malaysia!), this American food chain has become an important player in the market.




A&W set two main goals for themselves. 

Despite having a certified halal menu that has attracted a stable flow of customers, A&W struggled to fulfil diners' craving for variety. How to reinforce the love of the brand amongst loyal customers by surprising them with new options on their menu? People has to know about new menu before arriving at an outlet, preferably right when they are making dinner plans.

Another challenge that A&W’s faced was to attract new and younger customers. As the earliest established fast food chain in Malaysia, they have a good number of loyal customers,with the new generation having more choices than those back in 1963. Today, there is a solid competition between fast food chains in Malaysia. A&W expects to attract the younger generation without spending too much money on pricey advertising in malls or outdoor banners that are not measurable.



In order to refresh the brand for loyal A&W customers, the Gapture team suggested to focus on retargeting campaigns. Online advertising tools allow companies to send reminders to people who have once showed interest in their brand. There are many ways to do that. If customers have previously signed up for the company newsletter, liked their Facebook page or even just visited their website, advertising specialists are able to identify them and show ads that would only be visible to them. Gapture specialists went for very specific campaign that would remind them of all the tasty treats they enjoyed in A&W restaurants. Retargeting allows specific selection those who are already familiar with the brand and need only a soft nudge to come back to A&W. Such a campaign brings cheaper clicks and helps to avoid unnecessary costs by only targeting those who have already been to A&W.

As for attracting the younger crowd, getting online definitely seemed the most efficient way to reach them. Apart from targeting the younger age group, the Gapture team also narrowed down the targeting to their specific characteristics by identifying the interests of this age group and then focused on getting as many impressions on those target groups as possible.


The combined strategies have successfully generated nearly 48 million impressions with 9,000 clicks to the A&W website


Each unique click costs as low as RM 0.19. Each impression represents a person who has seen the ad and got to know about a new A&W menu. Each click is a person who wanted to know more than just the information shown in the ad. These numbers alone reveal a huge boost in the brand recognition and certainly lead to an increase of popularity for A&W.

On top of that, over 2,000 people have shown interest in the new menu that was promoted during the campaign period.

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