4 Outstanding Digital Marketing Case Studies from Malaysia

Learn from the experience of these 4 Malaysian companies who have improved their results using digital marketing

Case Study - Video

Case Study - Video


Who Would Benefit From Learning These Case Studies?

Know exactly which advertising objective to choose and which online advertisement channel is the best fit for your business before you invest into any digital marketing agency.

  • Do you need to reach a defined group of customers?  
  • Do you have to get creative to achieve results with a limited marketing budget?
  • Do you want your business to benefit from all the opportunities digital advertising brings?

There are companies in Malaysia (and maybe even companies in your industry) who have done it. Today, you can learn from their experience.

Digital marketing agencies are happy to offer you any of their services, but are those the right services that your business needs today? Marketing online is a journey of learning and making mistakes. What if you could get all the benefits and avoid all the mistakes through learning from those who have done it before you? Marketing investment is always a risk. So before risking your budget and hiring an agency, you have to know what other companies in the Malaysian market have done and what advice they can give you.

We divided these 4 case studies into 3 parts, each focusing on a different campaign objective. Each story outlines challenges that a company faced and shows steps towards a solution. You can learn from their strategies and find out which methods proved to be successful for them.

Part I:

How to generate leads and enquiries about products? 

Learn from the experience of this company.

How Do You Make Google Advertising Work? Learn From the Experience of these 3 Companies

Most agencies charge for clicks to the website. But how can you be sure that those clicks will turn into enquiries or people interested in their product? This case study will prompt you to appropriately measure the effectiveness of their campaigns and obtain twice as many enquiries with the same budget.

You will learn how a radical shift in marketing approach allowed a company to attract new leads that were not familiar with company's special programs yet.

Part II:

Find out what the key is to running a successful brand awareness campaign in these 2 amazing case studies.

Brand Awareness

Brand campaigns can be used by established companies or to create the awareness of a newly launched product. However, there is a danger of getting distracted by “vanity metrics” (likes and social shares) and losing track of the real campaign effect. The first story provides you with the key ingredient of a successful brand awareness campaign on YouTube from a company who launched their new product using digital advertising. 

The second story presents how a well-established company (known and loved by many Malaysians) attracted new customers by positioning a brand to new audiences online. 

Part III:

Understand the benefits of online advertising for online sales

(and find out what not to do).


E-commerce businesses and web and mobile apps are all in need of promoting their products and measure effectiveness by the number of customers and the transaction volumes

After a company from this case study entered the Malaysian market and spent a year advertising their mobile app, they were about to close their business in the country, considering customer acquisitions too expensive.

It turned out they could have been paying half that price! Learn what this company discovered about driving online sales so that you never repeat their mistakes!

On top of these 4 local case studies we created a short summary in which you'll find the comparison of 3 different campaign objectives. Stanley Chee, the founder and leading expert of the Gapture team, will share his recommendations and tricks with you. Don't miss a chance to learn from his experience before signing off your digital marketing plan.

Learn From Gapture: Why Do We Want You to Succeed?

Stanley Chee - chief "Gapturion" and a certified Google AdWords specialist.

Stanley Chee - chief "Gapturion" and a certified Google AdWords specialist.

These 4 case studies are just a few stories of success from our 5 years of extensive experience. Working with clients in a number of different industries has enabled us to deeply understand how the Malaysian market has evolved over time. Currently, we provide hotels, restaurants, F&B retailers, malls, mobile providers and many others with our unique expertise in growing their business.

In 2012, Gapture became a Certified Google Partner. This is a great responsibility and honorable status to uphold. We want to live up to this honor. Ever since we were established, Gapture has been working hard to bring the latest marketing trends and most advanced competencies to the Malaysian market. We have always been keen on sharing our knowledge, so we put together these extensively detailed case studies. Sign up today and instantly get case studies in your inbox, together with personal advice and best practices from Stanley. Use this guide to apply the best industry practices in your marketing plan.

You will learn from successful case studies, such as

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