Internship Program

Internship program is something that Gapture takes seriously.  As an AdWords/Digital Marketing Intern and Design Intern in Gapture, you play an integral role as part of the team that delivers successful Google AdWords and Facebook Ads performance campaigns.  We have developed a proper internship program to make sure that our interns have great take-home values from the program, instead of just wasting 3 to 6 months of their life to fulfil an academic requirement from their faculties.  Gapture Internship Bill of Guarantee is enacted to ensure both interns and Gapture benefit from the internship program.



Gapture Internship Bill of Guarantee

  1. Each and every intern will be assigned a Gapturion as a mentor.

  2. Interns will get to attend at least two client or prospect meetings, alongside with the mentors so that they get a taste of digital marketing in the real world.

  3. Interns will be invited to contribute during meetings. This is when interns get to learn how meetings are held and how ideas are generated.

  4. Interns will be given access to use some of the systems that Gapturions are using, including G Suite (Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Google Contacts), Asana Tasks and Slack.

  5. Interns will be working on real projects as guided by mentors.

  6. Interns who meet or exceed Gapturion’s standard will be offered a job at Gapture.

Internship Openings:

Please upload your latest resume or CV to a public domain and paste the link here. This can also be your updated LinkedIn Profile URL.

Testimonials by Interns