Graphic Design Internship
Job Description

Gapture® Malaysia is a certified Google Partner founded by a certified Google Regional Trainer. We generate leads, enquiries and online sales for our clients by running measurable digital marketing campaigns. We excel in managing and optimizing Google AdWords, YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and ads on other performance media. We strongly believe that no other agency in Malaysia is as hardcore in delivering conversions and measuring success as us. 


Report to UX Designer.

Key Accountabilities

  • Internal deadlines agreed upon.

  • Research before designing.

Key Responsibilities

  • Adapt ad banner design into different pre-defined sizes according to the design provided by UX Designer,

  • Assist UX Designer in internal design tasks.

  • Website content upload.

  • Design related research requested by UX Designer.

  • Juggling multiple projects while effectively managing timelines and expectations.

  • Must have a keen eye for typography, color, and layout; Strong visual design skills.

  • One day per week, interns will help out with office administrative tasks.

  • During last week of your internship, create a 1 to 2 minutes video sharing your experience as an intern in Gapture® and upload to Gapture® YouTube channel.


  • Please send over your portfolio to if your portfolio is more convincing that your resume. If your portfolio is available online, please include the URLin the cover letter or resume.

  • Responsible and responsive in all communications.

  • Able to hit deadlines.

  • Achieve and maintain Google AdWords Qualified Individual status.

  • Self motivated, inquisitive, good analytical skill and attention-to-details.

  • Must bring own laptop.

  • Must have excellent time management skills.

  • Must pass Adobe Creative Suite test during the interview.

Software Skills

  • Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite. Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop are a must.

  • Basic knowledge of HTML, Javascript and CSS.

  • Would be even better if you possess skills/interests with Google Web Designer or animated gif banner creation.

Internship Allowance

  • RM500 per month

Gapture® Internship Bill of Guarantee

  1. Each and every intern will be assigned a Gapturion as mentor.

  2. Interns will get to attend at least two meetings with Gapture’s client or prospect, alongside with the mentors, so that they get a taste of digital marketing in real world.

  3. Interns will be invited to contribute during meetings with Gapturions Team. This is when interns get to learn how meetings are held and how ideas are generated.

  4. Interns will be given access to learn and use some of the systems that Gapturions are using, including Google Apps, Google Calendar, Asana Tasks and Slack.

  5. Interns will be working on real projects as guided by mentors.

  6. Interns who meet or exceed Gapturion’s standard will be offered a job at Gapture®.