Muhammad hazman

Head of performance specialist | Joined in feb 2017

JacKie Wang | Adwords Qualified Individual Google

Hazman has been fascinated and interested in digital marketing since university days, especially in performance media.  He completed his degree in marketing and management (Honours) and also pursued his internship at Gapture. While completing on his final semester, he was offered a full time position at Gapture, before even graduating!

Learning and exploring with all kind of new optimisation methods, ads features (Responsive Ads, Dynamic Ads, Story Ads, SlideShow Ads, Extended Ads, Chat Bot) and ads platforms (SEM, GDN, Facebook, Instagram) have been exciting for him. As his Advertising Campaigns are being measured by performance metrics, he has dived deeper into understanding Digital Marketing.

Aside from work, he strives to run small businesses in the line of Fashion and F&B as a passionate entrepreneur. Aimed to keep himself physically & mentally fit, he regularly immerse his free time with public events and extreme sports as a hobby. He is on his quest to understand digital marketing inside out as he hones his skills and explores different ad channels.