Testimonial by Our Design Intern - YiQian Tew

Hi. My name is YiQian. I’m currently studying Graphics Design and Multimedia in Universiti of Tunku Abdul Rahman. I live in Kuala Lumpur and I’ve been doing my four months internship here in Gapture.

So what I learned from my internship here… First and foremost, is that I got to see how digital marketing campaigns are carried out, from start to finish, and what role a designer gets to play in a process like this. I also learned how digital marketing ads are made, how they’re optimized, how their success is measured… But I think my biggest takeway is that I got to see how the dynamics of a team can affect a design outcome, and by extension, a campaign’s outcome. I think it’s a really valuable experience for anybody or any designers who are looking to work in a team or departmental setting in the future.

Departments in Gapture communicate quite well in my opinions, and even I as an intern was afforded the privilege to observe and learn about what everybody else is doing. It’s great because it helps me see the big picture and keeps me from becoming too focused on the design aspect of the whole work process. I think it’s great as well that they don’t hold back from teaching you and explaining how things work, such as what they do, how they do what they do – how their tasks are carried out, which is great because I think it benefits to learn about what goes on outside of the department that you work in, as it’s really important to realize your place in the equation and from there you can figure out how to maximize your contribution to achieve the collective goal that everybody else is working towards.

As for any words for future Gapture interns, I’d say… Know your expectations and you’ll leave happily with exactly what you came for. Thank you.