Testimonial by Our AdWords Marketing Intern - Saadiah Nadhirah

Hi, I’m Saadiah. Currently studying Advertising in Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Shah Alam, and I’m from Kelantan. So, being an intern here at Gapture for three months and a half is a very good opportunity for me and a very fun experience, especially because I get to know a lot of knowledge regarding Digital Advertising and also get to experience myself, the environment of working in Digital Advertising Agency.

So what I’ve learnt here is I got to know a few fundamental platforms such as Google AdWords and Facebook Business Manager. I also know how to set up the campaign and optimize the campaign, and I got the chance to give my opinion and suggestion during meetings. Also I learnt here at Gapture, that Gapture have practice a good communication and cooperation to ensure that Gapture meet clients demands and wants.

So, besides, I’m also very grateful that everyone here at Gapture especially Performance Team are willing to help and assist me, and also guide me how to complete my task everyday, and everyday also they provide me a good knowledge; beneficial knowledge regarding Digital Advertising. For example, how to optimize the campaign, and so on.

So for future interns out there, I really encourage you to being an intern at Gapture because Gapture will provide you the knowledge of Digital Marketing that will benefit you in your future career; and it gives you the whole image of Digital Advertising world. Thank you.