Testimonial by Our Adwords Marketing Intern - Nadine Ong

Hello! My name is Nadine, and I am 21 years old. I graduated from Lancaster University in the UK last year, with an honours degree in Marketing. I just completed my 3 month internship at Gapture as an AdWords Marketing Intern, and I had a very good time here!
I gained a whole range of experiences. So as an AdWords Marketing Intern actually I worked within the Performance Team mainly and this was where I learnt how to use Google AdWords, Facebook Business Manager, LinkedIn Campaign Manager. We set up loads of different campaigns, so search campaigns, display network campaigns, Youtube campaigns and also Facebook ads amongst a whole load of other things. I was able to get involved with these campaigns from start to finish, so I saw their set up and then what it was like when we sent reports to clients. I was also able to help the team monitor, optimise and report on them during the last three months. I also explored the other departments within Gapture, so I got an extremely well rounded view of what a digital marketing agency is like. I attended client meetings with Gapture’s Digital Consultants and I also completed admin projects once a week. 
Everyone at Gapture is incredibly supportive, encouraging and it’s a very fun environment to work in. If you want to explore a particular area of digital marketing at Gapture everyone will try and help you achieve that goal. You will also be challenged at Gapture, and there will be opportunities to make crucial - and sometimes difficult - decisions, which is what I think differentiates Gapture’s internship programs from a lot of other internship programs in Malaysia. You will manage real advertising campaigns, meet real clients and learn things about digital marketing that you won’t be able to find in textbooks. So, if you’re looking for a reward internship experience then I highly recommend Gapture. Thank you!