Testimonial by Our AdWords Marketing Intern - Bryan Khoo

"Hi, my name is Bryan Khoo currently studying in Business Information System at Asia Pacific University, currently living at Petaling Jaya. Intern at Gapture has provided me with a lot of opportunities to get on first-hand how digital advertising works. From Google Adwords, LinkedIn Ads and Facebook Ads platforms.  You're given opportunity to manage a campaign from the start until the end of campaign. Such as the first of campaign, you have to setup a campaign and research on adcopies & keywords. At the end of campaign, campaign optimization.

In Gapture, we work as a team to ensure that each campaign run smoothly without any issue and if any issue occur, we normally have mutual understanding and mutual discussion on how to solve the issue. If you need any guidance, Gapturion are always helpful to help you at any time.  However, you also must have initiative to ask if you are facing any difficulty on the task you are given.
If you are looking for any internship opportunity, Gapture is a place for you to learn and grow your knowledge. Thank you" - Bryan Khoo