Testimonial by Our Adwords Marketing Intern - Anissa Henni

Hi! My name is Anissa, I'm from Paris, I am currently a student in International Business and Intercultural Negotiation in Nanterre University. I have been doing a three month internship at Gapture. I wanted to add an international component to my profile, this is why I wanted to make an internship abroad. I wanted to evolve in an international environment in a new country, with a new culture, new language. I also wanted to live a first experience in marketing to complete my courses which are more theoretical.

My expectations were totally met with Gapture, because, of course I'm in Malaysia, 14,000km away abroad, I had the international experience I wanted. Plus, I saw how marketing and digital marketing work so it is now more concrete and it perfectly completed my theoretical classes in the matter.

To conclude I would say that I definitively encourage people to make their internship here. They will learn a lot and work in a very pleasant environment. The team in Gapture is very good, the boss is very kind and everyone here makes you feel comfortable very quickly