Testimonial by Our AdWords Marketing Intern - Christopher Maoh Eddy

"Hi, my name is Christopher. I am a Bachelor in Computing student from UCSI University.  So, I am from Kuching, Sarawak.  Basically there are a few things that I learnt, or what we called take-aways, from here.  The main thing is that during my time here, I have learnt that you have to be flexible.  You have to learn how to help everyone, because not only that you have to focus on what you have been told, that's your job description and a few other extra things.  For example, helping out with shipping items and fixing the conference room because this is a small company and everyone needs each other's help.

Experience again, is mainly from my main task which has to do with entering in numbers.  Paying attention to details is the number one thing, in which I really learnt here and it is shown that it is my weaknesses, and I have been trying to improve a lot.  So, for other future [interns] who want to join here, it is a good choice because the culture here is good.  Everyone is happy having fun, but at the same time doing their work when it matters.  Delivering the results when it matters and you have fun after that.  That's all. Thank you."  - Christopher Maoh Eddy