Testimonial by Our AdWords Marketing Intern - Amanda Chan

"My name is Amanda.  I’m currently pursuing a diploma in Business Information System in HELP College of Arts and Technology and I’m living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. For the past few months I have experienced the real working life and working as an intern in a medium-sized organization. I got a lot of experience from working in Google Adwords – now I know the basics of Google Adwords and what you can do with it to promote a business online. I also understand what the needs of the client are when it comes to what they want from digital marketing campaigns, such as what conversions they are after and what they are looking for. As an intern, I know that my responsibility is as important as the people working in the company.

I think you should join Gapture because you can get a hands-on experience on the tools that are used in Digital Marketing. You can also get a lot of guidance from a one-to-one supervisor who will guide you along the way. So… Join Gapture." - Amanda Chan