Gapture Account Executive being interviewed by The Star Online

Gapture’s Account Executive, Ernest Wee, was recently being interviewed by The Star Online in the article, “FB is 10: Adding a social dimension to businesses”. Here is an excerpt of the Facebook marketing article. Link to the full article.

Ernest Wee Choon Hee, 33, an account executive in charge of digital marketing campaigns at Gapture [Malaysia] Sdn Bhd, says he was drawn into a job managing platforms such as Facebook due to the level of interaction that is involved.

“It’s about how to come up with campaigns or posts that will get people to engage with you. That’s the most fun because everyone is trying to get the public’s attention. I feel with Facebook it’s crucial to get the relevant audience’s attention,” he says.

“You will need to do a lot of research on the company to know what is their unique selling point, what they stand for and how they propose to be different from everyone else. Then you’ll need to brainstorm how to position the brand so it attracts those who would actually be interested in it.”

Wee adds that many people tend to misunderstand how Facebook should be used in a business context.

“Many tend to use it as a sales portal. We feel that Facebook is more suited for being a place to reach out to consumers on a personal basis and to get their feedback on your brand. It gives companies a voice to reach out to its fans,” he says.

“It’s not so about the much number of likes you get, but how many people actually interact with that post. This will indicate whether or not your post is truly relevant and engaging for your fans.”

Wee would like to see Facebook formulate clearer guidelines on their commercial offerings.

“For the marketers, a lot of what we do involves trial and error. We have to look at case studies and other people that have done things to get an idea of what works. Maybe Facebook could streamline their promotion offerings more,” he says.