What do Gapture's 5 core values mean to our clients?

There are five core values that you can expect from each and every Gapturion. We make sure the job candidate has these core values in him/her before offering a job and we do a 360-review on these five core values every quarter in Gapture. Question is, what do all these mean to our clients?


Core values of Gapture is in us, it is reflected in everything we do, whether internal or external, from drafting HR policies to crafting clients' digital marketing campaigns. Here is how each core value will impact our clients or prospects.

1. Simplicity

A campaign proposal is considered done NOT when there is nothing more can be added, but when there is nothing more can be removed. We believe in keeping things simple, including our proposal, campaign mechanism, design, copy-writing, so that the targeted audience can get the message that we are delivering to them clearly.

2. Measurability

Something can’t be measured can’t be managed. Agreeing on campaign measurability is important to make sure that the client and us are on the same page. We have walked away from jobs that we don't think we can deliver, we do not want to over promise just to get the jobs in and under deliver later.

3. Individuality

Sick of the same campaign that has been plugged and played from brand to brand? Us too! We respect the individuality of every brand and make sure that the strategy we propose is tailored to your brand.

4. Boldness

Running digital marketing campaign requires some boldness. Re-running the same campaign that your competitor ran successfully will most likely result in disappointment. It also take boldness in us to tell our clients this.

5. Thirst for Learning

Ever changing digital marketing landscape and a wide spectrum of industries that we are serving only guarantee one thing: There is plenty to learn! We are a curious bunch, we want to know your business model as much as you are comfortable to share, so that we can run a digital marketing campaign that fits your business and brand.