Gapture's TOP TEN for April Fool pranks

April Fool's came and went. It was uneventful for some, and horribly humorous for others, we here in the digital sphere have also been led astray by some very (non) subtle April fool's prank online. The following is Gapture's Top Ten's list of April Fool's prank online. Let us know if you were victims (or survived the aftermaths) of the following:


1. Google Nose

Launching a brand new search engine to be able to search the entire webspace for any smell that you are searching for. Click on this video link to see how much Google actually “nose”.



2. Gmail Blue

They have done everything possible to completely redesign and recreate something while keeping it exactly the same. Check out the video at this link.



3. Nokia 5am-TH1N6

There was something announced for Nokia. A interactive display screened microwaved oven that will revolutionize the kitchen experience. See what's cooking here.



4. Glass-Panelled floor, Virgin Atlantic

Flying high this April we see Virgin Atlantic announcing their glass floor panel flights so you can see the world beneath your feet. Would this announcement take flight. Read it here.



5. YouTube's Video contest coming to an end

Apparently when YouTube started out, it was a contest to find out who made the best video. And it was all to come to end at 11:59am 1st of April 2013. Check out the winning videos here.



6. Google Maps

Treasure edition. Fancy finding some treasure? Google has launched a new addition to its Google maps platform that will allow for the finding of treasures. Wanna hit gold? Check out this link.



7. Twttr wtht vwls (twitter without vowels)

Twitter announced that soon free twitter accounts can only tweet with consonants. To be able to use vowels, a small fee must be applied monthly. Chk thys lynk fr mr ynf.



8. Skype into space

if you have loved ones that you would like to communicate with, Skype has the answer and technology for you. Skype into space is their new feature allowing you to skype with people in space. Find out more here



9. Sony going critter friendly

Sony announced a range of devices which are friendly for your pets. Just the right size and dimensions for your beloved home pets. Find out this furry little fact here.



10. Digi Malaysia introduces “new” phone

A Malaysian Telco put up in its pre-order section a chance to own the latest in telecommunications technology, with longer battery life and better standby time, including, interchangeable covers. Check it out here (this is a screen shot because the actual site is now an announcement for free coupons)


Link (the actual site):


And there you have it, Gapture's Top Ten for April Fools pranks online. Tune in for more digital marketing related news.