Testimonial by Our Adwords Marketing Intern - Ann Low

Hi, my name is Ann. I am 21 years old. I am an advertising student from UTAR and this year is my final years.  I am glad that I just completed my 3 months internship at Gapture as an Adwords marketing intern.
As an adwords marketing intern, I work with performance team mainly. I have learn how to set up Google Adwords campaign, Facebook ads, Instagram ads and You tube ads as well. After all, I learn how to manage the campaign, optimize the campaign based on Gapture best practice. I was able to help with the Adwords copywriting too. I learn how to write Chinese ad copy and English ad copy as well. From there, I learn how to write good ad copy based on client needs.
Apart from marketing skills, I can say that after this 3 months intern, I had also explore the other department within Gapture. They are very supportive and ready to help you whenever you have doubt on your work.  I also help with the admin task once in a week. I am glad that I able to reduce their work load and gain extra knowledge at the same time. The most precious things I have learnt is the opportunity to attend clients meeting with Gapture's CEO, digital consultants and the performance team. 
Besides that, we also have our monthly LALA, which is once a month. This monthly LALA is like a bonding occasion whereby everyone enjoy meal with the Gapture's CEO and other department staffs. We will discuss about our ongoing project, and Gapture's CEO will share his extra knowledge to all Gapturions during this monthly activities. 
I have gain a lot of experience regarding to digital marketing which I may not able to learn from my college, and I really had a good time here. Lastly, a message to future interns, I would highly recommend Gapture if you are looking for an internship in digital marketing industries.

Testimonial by Our Adwords Marketing Intern - Muhammad Hazman

Hi there, My name is Muhammad Hazman from Petaling Jaya. I’m currently a student of Nilai University completing my dual award degree in Marketing. In completing my course I have joined Gapture Malaysia for an internship program as an Adwords Marketing Intern. I had a great time throughout the 4 months of my internship period here, so let me share with you my experience.
My experience as an intern here in Gapture was very educational and fun. I would say it is not an average internship program where you just clock in and clock out for attendance. I was mainly working within the Performance Team where I learned to use Google AdWords, Facebook Business Manager, Youtube Ads and LinkedIn Campaign Manager. I had the opportunity to be involved with the ad campaigns in all of the platforms from the beginning to the end which includes learning how to set-up ad campaigns, copywriting for ads, optimising ads performance and meeting up with clients once a campaign meets its ending date. I find it very educational because learning it by myself would have taken me ages to understand how things work. This is one of the milestones of the internship program in Gapture. Besides that, I was also exposed to other departments in Gapture and how they work together to complete a client's request. There was also weekly admin tasks that I had to do during my internship period.

Another milestone throughout my internship period here was the activities and meetings that goes on, one of them was the weekly Performance Team meeting and another is the monthly Lala Meeting which was very eventful. The monthly meetings are educational and fun as Gapturions will have a chance to learn something new or be exposed to new business ideas. Besides that, Internship in Gapture can sometimes be challenging yet fun as it builds your character, especially when you have to make hard decisions in completing a task. Everyone in Gapture have been very friendly and one of the take backs from my experience here have to be the core values of the company. One of the core value that deems essential to me was integrity where by living up to the word in every aspect of life, be it your daily routine or work, integrity will always help you achieve your goal. Lastly, it’s obvious everything is turning digital these days so join Gapture for your internship program and learn new things that you will never get in a college education. Thank you!