Certified Google Partner

Gapture is one of the few blue-badged Certified Google Partners in Malaysia with specialization in Search, Mobile, Display and Video. To ensure clients’ interests are well represented, agency has to meet three requirements set by Google consistently. The first requirement is to have at least one Google Certified AdWords Professional in the company and certifications in corresponding specializations. Gapture has one of the highest ratio of Google Certified AdWords Professionals in this region. Almost all Gapturions are certified by Google.

Click on the badge to verify our partner status at official Google Partners page

The second requirement to meet the minimum ad spend that an agency has to be actively managing in the past 90 days. This is to ensure that certified Google Partners have the experience and latest product knowledge in running Google AdWords campaigns. 

The third requirement is to meet the campaign performance benchmark set by Google. As a certified Google Partner, Gapture has demonstrated the capability to deploy and maintain effective Google AdWords campaigns that exceed the required campaign performance, especially in Search, Mobile, Display and Video.

You can’t afford to risk your campaign budget with an unqualified agency.  Choose a proven and Certified Google Partner, contact us now to find out how we can help you launch a successful Google AdWords campaign.